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Altaera is birthplace to the Human races and other Material beings. Made of many lands and varied terrains, Orabor is the most populous and advanced of the known world – though much of said world is still shrouded in myths and mists of mystery.

Orabor is home to many civilizations and customs, but the most known and spread are those of Thaeda and Aevalon. These cities are sisters – the kind that grew up together, but never got along well. With long histories of conflict between the two states – ranging from skirmishes over farm land among town militia to full blown war that set leagues of the Golden Plains alight – it is surprising that each as agreed to open trade with the other.
Of course, a common enemy will unite even bitter rivals.
The Era of Three Crowns is so named for the war between Thaeda and Aevalon – a war that saw the addition of Casamir towards the end of the decade. When the High Elves landed on the shores of Orabor, they brought dangerous magics and strange artefacts into the fray.
The Kings’ Concordat was signed after a terrible battle that devastated the land so that nothing grew there for six generations. It was the Elder Circle of druids, pactsworn and Green Knights who forced the truce. Signed by Thaeda, Aevalon and Casamir, their rulers and their bloodlines swore to uphold peace and prosperity for one thousand years.

Orabor is a temperate land, with mountains, deciduous forests, swamps and plains sweeping north and south. Most of Orabor experiences the four seasons, with variance depending on how far north it is. Orabor’s eastern shore is the Ocean of Wrath and the Seething Sea, named for the powerful and deadly currents – not to mention the terrible monsters that dwell in the depths. Only the bravest and most foolhardy ply these waters for trade, fishing and whaling. Though there are many fishing towns along the coast here, that work the rivers and channels, occasionally venturing into open water for larger catches, it is Thaeda that sits upon the edge of the Ocean of Wrath, weathering the lashing of the Seethe year after year. The largest of the whaling ships set port from here, as do the few Casmiran merchant vessels that brave the month long voyage.

Once every year the Great Doldrum emerges from the depths – an ancient dragon turtle the size of an island. It is local custom among elven sailors to offer it tribute, saying that doing so secures the safety of their ships in the coming year. Though seen as superstition by many outsiders, if a captain refuses to offer the Doldrum tribute, they often lose their crew and ship within days – if not to doubt and old wives tales then to strange and terrible storms.

Orabor’s northern reaches rise into great mountains, with many ranges intersecting at the Silver Summit – the tallest mountain in Orabor, and said to have once been home to an ancient silver dragon that grew the mountains themselves. This mountain system is called the Axandarian Range, named for the silver dragon of legend. The sub-ranges are the Dragon Maw Mountains, the Dragon’s Crown Mountains, and the Mithril Mountains.
These mountains are home to the last remains of an ancient dragon cult, fallen from grace as Thaedic dragon slayers and slavers crushed and stole eggs. The Dragonborn a small and scattered people, but fierce warriors, who cling to ancient rites and ways even as the last free dragons die off or succumb to feral, tarnished instincts.

To the west of Orabor lies more of the Azandrian Mountains, that slowly lower into the Wild Woods, the eastern border of which is the Weeping Woods. These deep and dangerous forests occasionally dip into murky bogs and swamps, known better as the Dourmurk Sloughs. Towards the eastern turn of the wood, the Slough gives away to the Golden Hills, and eventually, the Plains. To the west, however, it only gets deeper, though the Sloughs end as the land rises into the Briarheart Forest, which encompases the higher grounds around the Wild Woods and the Sloughs.
The southern realms of Orabor are divided by a length of hills and mountains known as Korad’s Spine, and is well regarded as the sovereign domain of the Dwarves. To the east, the land gradually meets the southern waters of the Seething Sea, near Aevalon. Here storms are no less powerful, but the islands and cape-land protect the mediterranean city-state from the worse of it.
On the far side of the Spine, to the west, are the Moors. The Moors are dangerous, with pitfalls, open cravasses, quicksand and worse lurking beneath the fog that rolls in over the Spine. The Moors meet with the most southern expanse of the Wild Wood, Thornthicket.

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